We're Roya, and we're here to help. Our own experiences as diabetics are core to our story. We know the distinct challenges of living with diabetes, from counting carbs to stressing about sugar levels. We also know how stressful managing diabetes can be in an ever-changing world. We have never let diabetes keep us from living life to the fullest, but we've also always believed in the power of self-improvement.

In our own journeys, we often wondered: What if we could keep our A1C levels in check and stay energized all day? What if we could give our immune systems a boost while also reducing our insulin resistance?

“What Became Increasingly Important For Me Was Holistic Wellness”

“What Became Increasingly Important For Me Was Holistic Wellness”

We figured we could find the answers at our local pharmacy. We assumed someone must have already solved these problems. For diabetics like us, they're actual daily issues -- surely a specialized supplement already existed for them, right?

So we went looking for it. And looking. And looking. Believe us: there are a lot of supplements out there. We've tried them all, and the verdict isn't pretty.

Once we climbed out from under the mountain of capsules we had tried, we realized: no one was going to figure this out for us, and no one had even really bothered to try.

Living with diabetes poses unique difficulties, but finding the right daily multivitamin shouldn't be one of them. So we got to work.

We founded Roya based on two principles:
  • 1. Our goal is to advance greater holistic health in the diabetic community, and
  • 2. The path to greater health should be as simple as two capsules a day

At Roya, it's our mission to craft game-changing supplements that support all five major areas of diabetic health: insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular, ocular, and nervous system health.

You won't find another supplement like ours on the market. But thankfully, you won't need to.

And with just two capsules a day, you're on your way to a better, healthier you.

Join the Roya revolution -- we're glad you're here.